I do a bit of web-design on the side for mates (people who take me fishing) and people who are kind to animals, like my dog.

These days it’s not rocket science with the licensed platforms and hosting that are available.  And seriously, don’t believe any wanker that tells you they can get you on the front page of Google for a fee.  That’s total bullshit.  I can tell you how to get up there and stay there for free, you’ve just got to do one hours worth of homework each and every week.

If you need some advice, or simply a web-site that actually works, give me a call, and I’ll see if I can assist.  Call me on 09 307 8020, it’ll flick through to my mobile.  NB, if your phone is caller ID blocked, my one doesn’t answer those.  And like you, I am busy, so the voice mail is turned off.  If you prefer, send me an email: bon@alekibon.com.

Complete sites from ONLY $995 for a fully content managed web-site, i.e. you can login and change stuff yourself once it’s built.  This also includes incorporation of your Facebook and Twitter business accounts (we’ll set it all up if you haven’t already done so, and any other social media platforms).  First year hosting also included to 30 September our billing cycle, then unlimited bandwidth hosting for only $99 per annum, yeah none of that poke you in the chockie bullshit that Telecom or Vodafone carry-on about.

No non-sense and on-time!!!



PS, if you’re Auckland based and want to meet to discuss your web project.  I like good coffee and/or Sauv Blanc depending on the time of day, although lately been getting into Syrah (Shiraz) – apparently it’s good for ones heart.