Heath and Safety – Fail

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Had the Sky TV man around as you do to check on the connections and aerial.

So he plugs the internal TV cables into his device and they all seem ok.

Then it’s outside we go – “I’ll have to come back on Thursday with my colleague to hold the ladder so I can go up on the roof.”

Apparently I don’t have a Health & Safety Certificate to hold the ladder.

This country is buggered.

Lost the blogging mojo – think I back but?

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Mmmmhh, for a while there I thought I had lost the mojo (desire) to blog.

Today I think I am back.

Just got a shitty comment on Instagram as you do from time to time – only from Vegan’s however.  They get all bent when you say on your profile that you ideally want to be one, but post one little picture with meat in it and you’re treated like the Anti-Christ.

Veganism, might as well be a warped religion – just saying.

And they wonder why people throw stones at them – just saying.

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Dr Wafa Sultan and the term Dhimmitude

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I learned about a woman today, Dr Wafa Sultan and of the term Dhimmitude.

Dr Wafa is a medical doctor who trained as a psychiatrist in Syria, and an American author and critic of Muslim society and Islam.  Whilst the the term ‘Dhimmitude’ is derived from Dhimmi, which means a non-Muslim living in an Islamic country.

A very interesting read, the PDF book it was, about Mohammed and Islam condensed into about 100 pages or less.

The Story of Islam – by Harry Richardson

Grab a copy of it here for free.

Safety First

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I don’t know about you, but I am really liking this Moa beer, both the Original Lager and White Lager versions.  Must try their Pale Ale soon – mmmmhh, might have to go to the supermarket now for that!

Safety First

The waiting lists – Migrant solution

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Part 1… (there will be more on this)…

Today I took my dear Moti (mother) to the hospital for a minor surgery.  Later, when picking her up I met a very hard working nurse (total babe too) and observed her and her two colleagues, doing a fantastic job. All three were clearly migrants as was the most helpful Indian lady on reception.

This caused me to reflect on the past days, not so long ago, as to how it’s really annoying when grabbing a taxi to always ask, and now out of habit, the following two questions after starting a dialogue with the driver:

  1. Where do you come from?
  2. What did you do there?

Well in answer to the first question, they could be from anywhere, who really cares.

What is so annoying about the second answer, is the number of highly skilled doctors (the odd specialist surgeon), engineers etc, and the like who struggle to secure decent employment in their expert field.

Let’s face it, the average NZ’er is a racist, it’s that simple, so it’s not easy to gain employment I would imagine. But how is it even remotely possible that a person with far superior skills to most of us, like an orthopaedic surgeon, is not able to assist others in their trained field.  Seriously, I met one driving a fucking taxi here in Dorkland and numerous others with similar skills when I lived on the fringe of the city just a few years back.  Today, nothing has changed…

Let’s consider the lack of doctors/surgeons and people that can’t afford to go to them, not to mention those lists, the dreaded waiting lists. Some of these migrants do it for the money like anybody, but then there are plenty who studied those skill sets just to help others. But hey, to practice here in NZ, what a palaver for most of them. I am convinced a lot of it has something to do with the elite sector that have already placed orders for the coming years BMW. They don’t want a bunch of migrants ruining that gravy train do they?

Only 14 months ago there were 280,000 Kiwi’s awaiting elective surgery with an average wait time of 224 days.  Yeah, I looked it up, sadly a NZ Herald article so it may not be so accurate as they tend to distort the facts – click here for that one.  Even if it was distorted, the facts that is, they can’t be too far from the real picture surely.

Anyway, the proof is out there; consider the cost of a cataract operation, down to $25 in some “developing” countries (performed by skilled people that do them for the improvement of humanity, not their back pocket). Here in NZ, a relatively simple operation like cataract removal as in most “developed” Western countries, is not cheap by any means.  Faster of course if you can afford health insurance.  And, as a result it impacts unnecessarily on these lists.

Surely some of these skilled migrants could do those with ease, not to mention a number of relatively simple operations to start freeing up the waiting lists.  That is, whilst they earn their  (and we vetted them as being authentic) ‘required’ NZ equivalent qualifications to be allowed to do the bigger operations that they are specifically trained in?

I for one, if suffering from what we’d refer to as a non-urgent ailment, would gladly want that dude from Pakistan for example to fix it, if he had the skills.

What’s even more sympathetic to their cause, is a lot of these highly skilled people don’t want a fancy car or prestige, they just want a better life for them and their family, what is wrong with that. At the same time if given a decent chance/opportunity they can enrich the lives of thousands of people with rectifiable issues who suffer for months on end!

Lastly, nobody ever talks about the cost of these tens of thousands of people on lists, and the other cost – the opportunity cost of a lot of them not being in employment and other associated costs because of their issue waiting for treatment.  It’s like when that little accident happens on the motorway and suddenly 25,000 people are an hour late for work – what did that accident cost the economy that day huh?

Think about that one, clearly these medical migrants need to be fast-tracked and not be put in positions where they have to drive taxis or wash dishes to pay the rent and put food on the table!

The current health system in this country is wrong, just plain wrong insofar as medically trained migrants are concerned – just saying.

Welcome year of the Monkey

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Sitting in the cafe as you do, with the laptop today on this glorious Waitangi day.  Nah just kidding, nothing glorious about this day.  I so look forward to the day where a PM in this country says he isn’t going.  Why should they, purely to be disrespected.

Anyway, year of the Monkey, the Thai girl, a wait staff person here and a friend, she is a Dragon, so is the girl from India who also works here, plus the boss man.  Three dragons in close proximity, good thing I am an Aquarian Metal Dog, can’t be burnt and the most loyal of them all.

Life is grand.