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Well I don’t know about you, well your opinion, but my thoughts are that the average ‘adult’ cyclist does indeed really need a smack in the head.

These tossers still run red lights, act like twats in cafes walking around with their plastic shoes and generally are just arrogant pricks.

Sadly there are cameras everywhere these days so one can’t give the odd one the bash he desperately deserves without the prospect of spending a night in the cells 🙁

Working like a dog… woof woof

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Mmmhh, it’s taking me a little while to slot back into blogging it seems.  Unfortunately working like a dog in an attempt to be a successful entrepreneur is getting in the way.

All day I have to deal with people that if they actually read the correspondence, they’d get it… Yeah, you’ve dealt with them too…  As a result we end up being less productive propping up their slackness.

Anyway, what did I learn in the last 12 days, let’s see.

  • The average academic is still a complete tosser – yes, this seems to be an accurate evaluation
  • Credit check companies and credit score companies are still not properly held accountable when they get it wrong costing innocent people.  Nor are the fuck-wits that load the incorrect information.
  • Takers will always be takers and as my good mate Matthew Williams always said, never go backwards on your car, your woman or your job…  Again, takers will always be takers – no give.
  • My storage unit is a fucking rip-off.  If I win the Power Ball Lotto System this week I am going to buy land and set my own ones up – the quick maths suggests it’s the way to go.
  • For the fear of spending time in the big house I have to refrain from slapping wankers who so desperately need it.
  • I can’t start the day without coffee
  • Time is really all we have

Anyway, the afterthoughts seem to be that there is no ‘actual’ support for entrepreneurs in this country.  I can name 10 guys/girls easily in the same boat as me.  You’d need to call me to get a ‘proper’ explanation on that one.   Ah never mind, this is the land of the Tall Poppy Sydrome, so it falls on deaf ears from the comfort of watching the news.

Piss off

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Fuck me, a few vinos last night and then responding to emails is perhaps not the best idea.

One a good mate got a slight earful and a guy who I don’t really know I told to piss off (charity work).

This morning it’s 9:45am already and I’ve done bugger all apart from sending polite follow ups.

Shit oh dear, busy day ahead but got a few awesome smiles from this smoking hot Indian waitress here at the cafe in Westiville – yeah, West Auckland.  What the fuck am I doing out here 🙁  Although, if I could shack up with her I guess I’d live out this way if need be – the things men do for attaining that hairy magnet 🙁

Yep, just got to the carpet in time

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You know, I’ve thought about this a lot.

Why is it that any cat or dog you own or look after, if they are an indoor type of pal and get an upset tummy, they always manage to make it to the carpet or mat/rug to spew their little hearts out.

Then they look at you as if to say, “aren’t you proud of me, I made it and missed the lino/tiles.”

I don’t make this stuff up.

Lessons & Observations

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Well last week I learned again never to do work for charities – I say again as I don’t seem to learn from past occurrences it seems.  They suck the life out of you and are typically run by people who clearly seem to have a personal agenda.

And I am really over people with apparent mental health issues, ADHD, ABC, XYZ or C U Next Tuesday Syndrome etc who use, and promote their condition as an excuse for their bad manners.

Then there is Instagram, I was starting to love it, got almost 5,000 followers now too, great for the ego.  The sad fact unfortunately is the MLM’ers have cottoned on to it and now try to promote their overpriced crap with promises of riches – be great if Instagram told them to piss off – just saying.

And finally women, yep, they still think men can actually read their minds.  Someone needs to tell them that that sort of communication only works for them, men are more traditional in discussions.

Speaking of women, I planted a seed so to speak, no not an official seed, but in the mind of one in relation to another that I can only wish at the present time.  Just got to water it tomorrow so she goes and tells the other about Bon’s intentions.

Ahhhhh, good to really be blogging again.  Bon is going to do this daily!!!

Heath and Safety – Fail

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Had the Sky TV man around as you do to check on the connections and aerial.

So he plugs the internal TV cables into his device and they all seem ok.

Then it’s outside we go – “I’ll have to come back on Thursday with my colleague to hold the ladder so I can go up on the roof.”

Apparently I don’t have a Health & Safety Certificate to hold the ladder.

This country is buggered.